Pike Place Market celebrates the first day of spring each year with Daffodil Day. Community members and volunteers will hand out 10,000 locally grown daffodils grown by Pike Place Market farmers to residents, workers and visitors at 15 downtown Seattle locations on Thursday, March 20 from 12-1 pm. 

Locations for this year’s celebration are: 

1st and University St. 
1st and Lenora St. 
2nd and Pike St. 
2nd and Union 
3rd  and Union
4th and Pine St. 
4th and Pike St. 
4th and Virginia St. 
4th and University St. 
4th and Cherry St. 
5th and Olive St. 
5th and Pine St. 
6th and Pike St.
6th and Pine St. 
Waterfront at Union St. 

Join in the fun and post your Daffodil Day pictures to our Facebook page! Facebook.com/PublicMarketCenter